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Sewers, Storm Basins & Drainage

Storm basins, and sewer inlets are vital for parking lot water drainage and runoff.  Standing water or flooding poses multiple risks to asphalt, including increased erosion and safety issues. Storm Basins and sewers must be installed to prevent these dangerous conditions and their consequences.


Once installed, storm basins and sewer inlets need to be professionally maintained and monitored. Over time, they can degrade and require professional repair or rebuild to avoid creating drastic damage to surfaces, especially in the Midwest with the issues of ice forming and melting to exacerbate erosion.

Finding an experienced, trusted professional to manage storm basins and sewers is imperative; a botched installation or repair can lead to a costly catastrophe. Pavement Systems installs, repairs, replaces, modifies, and maintains storm basins and sewers. We have vast experience in providing proper asphalt drainage and runoff solutions for our customers. 

Contact us for a free site inspection and estimate.

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