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Sealcoating is a preventative application that shields paved surfaces from various erosion sources including gasoline, salt, water, UV radiation, and oil. By sealing in any tiny cracks or crevices where moisture can enter, the sealcoating functions as a barrier to protect asphalt, ensuring longevity and enhancing visual appearance.

Benefits of Sealcoating include:


  • Protection from effects of oxygen and UV rays

  • Protection from pollutants such as gas, oil, chemicals, and snow/ice salt

  • Protection from water and ice erosion

  • Extends longevity of asphalt

  • Improves appearance of asphalt

Sealcoating is an important step in maintaining asphalt surfaces. Pavement Systems works with each customer to develop a custom maintenance plan based on your asphalt needs, determining the frequency of sealcoating and other recommendations. See our Sealcoating projects to learn more.

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