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Asphalt Paving, Patch & Repair

Asphalt is reasonably priced, easily produced, and widely accessible. It is one of the most used materials in the world, boasting a high return on investment and overall durability.


It's also an environmentally friendly option for constructing, maintaining, or upgrading paved surfaces like parking lots, commercial driveways, roadways, pathways, trails, recreational areas, and more. In fact, the asphalt industry is a leading recycler with an excess of 99% of asphalt pavements being recycled, which is incredible considering its nearly constant rate of manufacturing and installation.

With all its benefits and wide usage, construction, installation, patching and repairing of asphalt remains best completed by trained professionals.


When in need of paving a surface service, it is vital to work with a pavement professional that not only has the proper equipment and trained team, but also has a customer focus. Since 1981 Paving Systems has delivered outstanding results for all our customers’ paving projects with exceptional service.

We work with customers and General Contractors to build strong relationships, developing solutions and exceeding expectations to ensure complete satisfaction with every single project – no exceptions! Take a look at our projects and see the results we can deliver.


What You Need To Know About Asphalt

Pavement Systems specializes in commercial paving and asphalt maintenance. While we are the Midwest asphalt experts, we do not manufacture asphalt, but we know the importance of understanding this incredible product for our customers. 

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